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CoinBetting.co.uk has been founded at early 2018 in order to provide the most accurate and in depth information about sports betting with bitcoin and altcoins. As the crypto currency world is growing more than ever, sports betting with them started to become more popular. CoinBetting.co.uk provides valuable information on Bitcoin Betting Sites, How to Bet with Bitcoin and What Bitcoin is. We have been found and running by sports betting enthusiasts with over 15 years of industrial knowledge. We will take a more sports betting approach to Betting with Bitcoins rather than a crypto expert approach. Still, we will dedicate our resources for fast and reliable information on both fields.

As of 31 October 2016, UK Gambling Commission has given the green light for licensed sports betting companies to accept deposits for bitcoins. This will probably apply to withdrawals as well. As of early 2018, NetBet is the only UK licensed company to accept bitcoin deposits. This will probably grow over the year and become a popular norm soon. We will provide the information you need in order to bet at a UK licensed bookmaker where you can deposit and withdraw with bitcoins in a safe and secure information. Some of our in depth articles are called How to bet with Bitcoin?, Is it legal to bet with Bitcoin? and Why bet with Bitcoin?. You can navigate to all these articles and betting site reviews using the top navigation menu.

We will also take a look at Bitcoin Currency Betting Sites where crypto currencies are not converted to Pounds or Euros, but used as the medium currency of sports betting. This is a rather grey area so we will focus on the safest bitcoin bookmakers available. All bookmakers will be evaluated over 5 stars. We will also provide information on USA Bitcoin Betting Sites and alternative crypto betting options such as Ethereum and litecoin. Our final key content will be the latest news about the crypto betting world and latest bonus offers from the bitcoin betting websites.

You can contact us using our contact form or Twitter account.