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Online sports betting has become a thriving industry. Countless websites have been launched by businesses across the globe in recent years, providing millions of consumers with a vast range of wagering options, from sportsbooks and live-dealer games to the most cutting-edge slot machines. Being able to place bets on sports events on a global scale is a real luxury for today’s betting-enthisiasts. Previous generations had to venture to their local bookmaker if they wished to try their luck on a horse race of football match, braving all manner of weather and crowds.

Today, though, you can put money on a major game or race without having to leave your home. In fact, with the explosion of mobile devices and apps, you can bet at any time, any place. A growing aspect of this revolutionary trend in betting? Crytocurrency. With crytpocurrencies like bitcoin, you have the freedom to invest in virtual money and perform transactions as you normally would, with greater privacy, faster processing, and fewer (if any) charges. One of the most popular, more impressive of all cryptocurrencies is bitcoin.

Bitcoin Betting Sites

More and more betting brands are accepting bitcoin as a payment method, for deposits and withdrawals, though the legality of these varies. bitcoin has only been permitted as a form of currency by the UK Gambling Commission, but there are multiple websites in Europe that cater to bitcoin-users.

Want to learn more? You’ve come to the right place. Our site covers all of the best betting websites for bitcoin-users, including those based in the UK and Europe. Our helpful reviews and articles will provide you with all the critical information on setting up your own bitcoin wallet, finding the strongest sportsbooks upon which to wager, and websites catering to fans of North American sports.

UK Licensed Bitcoin Betting Sites

The regulations surrounding the use of bitcoin as a form of currency is an ongoing issue in the UK. The UK Gambling Commission recently permitted the use of bitcoin by online sportsbooks and casinos, whereas it was typically only European sites allowed to accept it.

However, this new ruling has opened the floodgates for more and more licensed UK betting sites to accept bitcoin. The first UK licensed betting site accepting bitcoin as a payment method and that is NetBet. The only betting site that has followed them is Tonybet. This means any consumers looking to spend their crytpocurrency with an online business based in the UK face an extremely limited range. In coming months and years, this will change entirely. More and more UK-based licensed sites will introduce bitcoin as an option – and you can read about the sites available right here. Even though these websites are UK licensed and accept Bitcoin as a payment method, this might cxhange from time to time. In order to get the most accurate information about their latest payment methods please visit their webites.

Betting Sites with Bitcoin Currency

The best betting sites offer their members a massive range of options, across all areas of their domains. This includes their sportsbooks, which should have markets from all over the world, and in as many different fields as possible. Just some of the types of games and events you will be able to choose from are: Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Darts, Boxing, Cycling, Golf, Rugby Union, Rugby Leagu, MM, Horse Racin, Greyound Racing, Winter Olympics, Baseball, Basketball, Aussie Rules Football, American football and Ice Hockey.

As you can see, the variety is truly stagering, providing access to sports in the biggest leagues and tournaments. UEFA Champions League, Europea League, World Cup, Wimbledon, the US Open, the Tour de France, and countless other events can all be wagered upon at a number of betting websites. There’s something for everyone. Here are the top betting websites which are using bitcoin as a betting currency.

Bitcoin Betting Sites for EU and Asian Players

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Bitcoin Betting Sites for UK Players

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We can continue the list with more crypto currency betting sites with the option of instant or really fast sign ups. For these betting sites mostly all you need to do is click and display their websites and they will open your account with a cookie on your browser. You can secure your session with adding username and password to your signup but absolutely no personal data is required.

And here you can find refular sportsbooks with the option to deposit and withdraw money by bitcoins. Your bitcoins will be converted into fiat currencies and you will be able to bet or gamble with it. This way you can be sure that your financial transactions list is betting-free and all the action is at your bitcoin wallet and the betting site itself.

You have far more freedom on top of traditional sports, too. Virtual sports are a favourite of modern consumers, offering the chance to put bets on the outcome of simulated events across motorsports, horse racing, soccer, and more. With virtual sports, all games and races are presented as slick animations, taking little more than 30 seconds. You wager on the side or runner you believe has the best chance of winning just as you would on a standard game or race, and a random number generator (RNG) will ensure you’re kept guessing until the scores come in.

Virtual sports provide all the fun and excitement of making a wager on a sport, yet they offer numerous advantages. For starters, these are available 24/7, running at times when the real-world equivalent cannot. They finish far, far faster too, so you need only wait a couple of minutes to see how well your bet fared, rather than hours.

As well as sportsbooks, beting sites tend to feature online casino games too. Just as with a brick-and-mortar venue, these casinos are home to many diverse, varied betting options, for seasoned fans of casinos and newcomers alike. You can try your luck on such staples as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, poker, slot machines, and more.

The best betting sites incorporate state-of-the-art video slots boasting high-end visuals and sound, transforming the betting process into something more akin to a video game. Live casino games connect players to professional dealers in studios and real venues via real-time streaming video, recreating the social aspects of a land-based casino on your mobile or desktop device.

Just as choice is key in all betting aspects of these websites, the same is true of their payment methods. Some businesses offer only a handful of ways to pay, and these are missing out on potential custom: players want the freedom to make wagers using the payment system they feel happy and familiar with.

The most visionary businesses accept bitcoin as a payment method, with instant processing and no charges – a far more preferable choice than slower alternatives, which may leave you waiting days for your funds rather than minutes. The number of websites accepting bitcoin is growing, and their services evolving, making this valuable cryptocurrency an irresistible prospect for an expanding user-base. You can read all about the many advantages of using bitcoin to fund your online betting on our site!

What Do I Need to Know About Bitcoin?

If you have never encountered bitcoin before, you may well feel daunted by it. Cryptocurrencies can seem like a world apart from traditional forms of money we’re all familiar with, and bitcoin has a fascinating structure.

One of the biggest differences between bitcoin and standard currencies is the freedom and privacy. There is no central bank running the show. There is no one country keeping tight reins on bitcoins. There is no regulating body overseeing the activities of bitcoin-users. As such, bitcoin cannot be subject to government-seizure, and users can enjoy unparalleled anonmity and privacy. bitcoin adoption is on the rise, with a number of high-profile retaiers introducing bitcoin-payments as part of their everyday operations. Overstock is just one of these names, as is Microsoft, Expedia, and more. This may surprise you, particular Microsoft – one of the biggest brands on the planet – but it’s testament to the advantages bitcoin offers.

Buying bitcoin and selling them is quicker and easier than ever today. You can transfer these with no, or little, charges, with instant processing. How do you transfer bitcoin funds to and from your account? You can do this by sending digital signatures to your bitcoin network or protocol, which goes hand-in-hand with bitcoin mining. These people taking the time and trouble to mine bitcoins for you are responsible for verifying the signatures, and will receive bitcoins in exhange for their effort.

Mining bitcoins takes place in the bitcoin blockchain, an online public database cassrying countless user addresses (which are used to identify transactions, rather than the users’ names or home addresses). These addresses tend to be made up of 27 to 34 characters each, and they represent each bitcoin transfer’s last destination; whenever a bitcoin payment is made, those funds cannot be reversed, giving users real peace of mind of their security.

The security, privacy, and speed with which bitcoin transactions are performed make it an invaluabel solution for sports betting website. Being able to avoid the charges associated with different payment options means that betting sites are able to pass these savings on to their customers. Almost each and every bitcoin transaction that customers make at bitcoin betting sites is free. As there are no charges for sending funds from bitcoin address to the next, betting sites tend to offer no-charge deposits and withdrawals – so everybody wins.

Technically, using bitcoin-based betting websites is similar to using those with a more traditional structure (in fact, some bitcoin betting sites accept more standard payment methods too, such as Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and more). Once you set up an account, users can just add money to their account by transferring bitcoins over to the bitcoin address in a matter of minutes or seconds. Few of these websites ask you to register with the same details that others do, simply providing your bitcoin address and name or similar. This reinforces the privacy of the service, and saves time too.

What Can You Discover on

All of the above gives you a brief overview of bitcoin, but believe us – there’s far, far more to it! bitcoin is here to stay, and is gradually transforming the way in which many of us make payments online (and, in some cases, ofline, as numerous businesses accept it as in-store currency). If you’re intrigued about its benefits, you’re sure to have questions. Knowing as much as you can about bitcoin and bitcoin-betting online is a terrific way to start, and we cover all of the key topics on our site. You can browse multiple sections, including:

What is bitcoin?: In this guide to bitcoin, you will be able to gain a deep insight into how this form of cryptocurrency works. Head here first if you’re looking for a comprehensive breakdown of bitcoin.

How can you buy bitcoin?: Buying bitcoin is crucial, if you don’t have the time or ability to mine them instead. Buying bitcoins will give you funds to transfer to sports betting sites, or to store in your account to see if their value rises in weeks and months to come. We make it easy to understand how to invest in bitcoin, in language you can understand!

Best bitcoin Wallets: Every bitcoin user needs a bitcoin wallet. This is a must for transferring bitcoins to and from your account, and gives you a place to store them if you want to cash them in in the future. There are multiple bitcoin wallets out there, and we explore the best for you.

Best bitcoin Brokers: In this section you can find a detailed list of trusted bitcoin brokers. These brokers are regulated by UK Financial Authorities and thus very safe to trade bitcoin among other fiat currencies.

How to Bet with bitcoin?: This is one of the most important sections on our website. Being able to bet on bitcoin with confidence and expertise will help to make it even more rewarding, and this guide helps to make it easier than ever.

Why Bet with bitcoin?: This section answers a valid question: why bet with bitcoin? Here, you will learn all about the various benefits of making your sports and casino bets with bitcoin rather than other forms of payment.

Bitcoin Currency Betting Sites: In this guide, you can discover the betting sites where you can use bitcoin as a betting currency. This will give you the advantage of getting your winnings in crypto money and avoiding conversion costs.

USA bitcoin Betting Sites: As online gambling is banned in most of the United States (except for Nevada and New Jersey), sports fans can struggle to make online wagers on their favourite teams. In this section, we’ll explore the top betting sites offering bitcoin betting on US sports markets, such as NBA basketball, NFL football, and more.

Below you can also find valuable information about UK Licensed bitcoin Betting Sites, Ethereum Betting Sites, Litecoin Betting Sites and our analyses abbout the legality of sports betting with bitcoins. We take a look to UK’s gambling laws as well as some of the other countries.

Industry News and Bonus Offers

You can also find the up to date crypto gambling industry news and sports betting offers at our site. Below you can find the latest news about the latest crypto gambling and betting ICOs, coins. You can also find the latest bonus offers from Bitcoin Betting Sites. Make sure to have a look at the latest bonus offers before you choose which betting site to play at.

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Starting to make wagers online with bitcoin is an incredibly exciting step for any betting-fan, and we’re here to help you get the most out of it. We hope you’ll have many years of fun and success with your bitcoin betting. You can always get more information About Us here or check our website Terms. You can contact us from our Contact page and follow us on Twitter. No matter you use fiat currencies like Pounds and Dollars or crypto currencies, please Gamble Responsibly and make sure you are over 18.